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*** Other Programmes and Simulators. ***

The AC - DC - AC Power Transmission System Simulator.

This is a non-drive Simulator and it models Convertor Systems which interconnect MAINS ELECTRICITY POWER NETWORKS which operate at different frequencies or are connected together by very long cables. Many of these Systems are now used throughout the world to allow power transfer between different Country's GRID NETWORKS or to bring power from a remote source.The islands of New Zealand, Corsica, Sardinia, Great Britain and those of Japan are linked in this way and also power is moved from Oregon to Los Angeles in the U.S.A. and from one side of Russia to the other by such means. This Simulator includes the Convertors, Tap-Change Transformers and the Harmonic Filters and it will teach all of the principles involved in these very important and powerful Applications.

This Programme is now available for the WINDOWS Operating System and it's PRICE is 280 pounds sterling.

The V.S.D. ENERGY SAVING Facility.

This is not a Simulator but a stand alone Programme which calculates the ENERGY SAVINGS which can be made by driving Fans, Pumps or Compressors with Variable Speed Drives instead of using Valves or Dampers to control the flow of the gas or liquid. This is an ACCURATE Programme capable of accepting precise setup information and giving fair and accurate estimates of the savings which can be made, it is not like the giveaways supplied by Drive Manufacturers whose only objective is the sell Drives.You can select the characteristics of the Fan/Pump/Compressor and choose the Duties which it has to perform, and then total up the real money Savings which can be expected. It will plot Graphs of the System and the Savings as well as produce Tabulated Results. It allows full flexibility of the Load, it's potential Head and it's pipework etc.

This ENERGY SAVING Programme is available for WINDOWS and it costs --- 200 pounds sterling.

The DESIGN-A-DRIVE Programmes

This is the start of a new range of Programmes designed to help the user make the decisions appropriate to SELECTING Variable Speed Drive Systems for practical Applications. This first Design-A-Drive for sale is in three sections and these deal with Drives used for FANS, for PUMPS and for COMPRESSOR Applications.

Each programme starts by taking the user through the important physical and mechanical aspects of the Mechanical Load, then the Motor, then the Drive Controller, explaining the principles and requesting information about the System. It completely solves the problem of UNITS in that you can input values in ANY Units e.g. Litres per Second or Cubic Feet per minute, Metres or Miles, Pascals or PSI, Kg Mts^2 or Lbs Ft^2, or whatever.

The programme decides the SIZE of the Drive, Motor and Controller needed and produces detailed SPECIFICATIONS which can be used to form the basis of the Purchase Specifications for the main items of the System.

This first DESIGN-A-DRIVE is for FAN, PUMP or COMPRESSOR Applications and is available for WINDOWS and it costs 150 pounds sterling.