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The 'STANDARD' Variable Speed Drive Simulators.

These Simulators are particularly suitable for GENERAL INVESTIGATION WORK and for UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING including self-learning by the student. They are also used by Manufacturers and Suppliers of Drives for choosing the right Drive for the job and for obtaining Performance Data, Graphs, Waveforms, Harmonics and Dynamic Performance Plots etc.
This group covers NINE (9) different Drive Systems using DC, Synchronous, Induction and Switched Reluctance Motors and each Simulator represents the COMPLETE DRIVE i.e. the Mains Supply, the Convertor/Inverter Power Electronic Controls, the Motor and the Shaft Load.
It is specifically designed to show you how the Power Electronic Convertor/Inverter operates and to show you the Performance which can be expected from the total system. The Simulators allow you to operate the Drive System over it's full Frequency, Speed and/or Voltage Range and Regeneration and 4 Quadrant operation are applicable on appropriate Drives.
All of the Standard Simulators model Systems with 3 phase supplies, 6 pulse Convertors/Inverters, 3 phase Motors and in some cases Single Phase Mains Supplies and Convertors are allowed for.

The NINE 'Standard' Variable Speed Drive System Simulators - A brief Technical Description.

There are nine different Drive Simulators in this 'Standard' Range and the seven AC Drive Systems are described in detail in the Textbook entitled 'AC Motor Variable Frequency Drive Systems' which can be viewed on the TEXTBOOK page.

The DC MOTOR VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE SIMULATOR (0) is a fully reversing and fully regenerative, FOUR quadrant, Thyristor controlled Drive supplying a separately excited DC MOTOR which is Voltage Controlled and is compensated for Armature Reaction. The Simulator allows for a single phase Mains Supply or a three phase Mains Supply, and it includes fully controlled thyristor bridge circuits which are connected in switched antiparallel to allow full 4 quadrant operation.

The SIX-STEP VOLTAGE SOURCE INDUCTION MOTOR DRIVE (1) has a Motor Side Inverter which produces quasi-square voltages to the Motor. The DC Link has a large Capacitor connected across it and it is supplied by a three phase reversing Thyristor Bridge Convertor from the 3 phase Mains Supply. It is a regenerative drive not normally expected to operate at low speeds.

The PULSE WIDTH MODULATED INVERTER INDUCTION MOTOR DRIVE (2) has an Inverter which controls the Motor Voltage AND the Motor Frequency using PWM Techniques. Sine wave PWM is used and near SINUSOIDAL MOTOR CURRENTS are produced. The supply side Convertor can be a single phase or a three phase Diode Rectifier and discontinuous current conditions without a DC Link Reactor are allowed for. The DC Link contains a large Capacitor which isolates the operation of the Motor Inverter from the supply side Convertor.

The SIX-STEP CURRENT SOURCE Inverter Induction Motor Drive (3) is a DC Link System with a large DC Link Reactor to smooth the DC Link current and to cause quasi square CURRENT to flow in the motor windings and in the mains supply cables. The motor voltage is controlled by a 3 phase bridge Convertor on the supply side and the Drive is fully regenerative by reversal of the DC Link Voltage.

The SYNCHRO CONVERTOR Synchronous Motor Drive (4) uses Natural Commutation to vary the speed of the motor and the commutation of the motor convertor is locked to the motor's rotation. It is a Current Source System with a DC Link Reactor and regeneration is produced by reversal of the DC Link Voltage.

The CAPACITOR SELF-EXCITED Induction Motor Drive (5) is a recently developed system which has a large Motor Capacitor to allow Natural Commutation of the motor convertor. It is effectively the Synchro-Convertor for the Induction Motor and it can be made at large sizes and at high voltages.

The CYCLOCONVERTOR SYNCHRONOUS Motor Drive (6) uses three fully reversing 3 phase Convertor Bridges, one for each of the 3 motor windings, the convertors are phase shift controlled thyristor convertors and they use the mains frequency to produce lower frequency currents into the motor.. This is a Direct Frequency Convertor and in it the Supply and Motor Frequencies interfere with each other producing unusual Harmonics.

The CYCLOCONVERTOR INDUCTION Motor Drive (7) has the same circuit configuration as the Cycloconvertor Synchronous Motor Drive but it now uses a cage or wound rotor Induction Motor. Both of the Cycloconvertor Drives are fully reversing and fully regenerative 4 quadrant drives and practical drives of this type can be produced at very large sizes and at high voltages.

The SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MOTOR DRIVE uses special 3, 4 or 5 phase Motors and uses a Pulse Width Modulated Controller to provide the phase winding current pulses. It has a single phase or 3 phase Diode Rectifier input side similar to that with the PWM Induction Motor Drive.

All of these 'Standard' Simulators are available for use under the WINDOWS Operating System at a cost of 280 pounds each. If you want to purchase a set of all 9 of these Simulators we can supply the set at the SPECIAL PRICE of 1800 pounds.