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COMMERCIAL Information on the Simulators.

Extent of Use - Copy Protection.

Each Simulator is supplied on a specially prepared but otherwise standard Compact Disc (CD). This CD also contains the Instruction Book in the form of a set of WORD Files readable by most Wordprocessors, and an Experiments Programme and a set of Experiment Files. Simulator has to be installed onto the hard disc of your computer before it will work, and to do this you have to have the unique CODE supplied with the Simulator. The install process will allow you to install the Simulator onto as many computers in your own Department as you wish.

Our Conditions of Sale.

These Simulators will normally be supplied AFTER PAYMENT has been received by Orange Enterprizes. Alternatively they will be supplied against your Official Order under your Company or Organisation Heading, received by letter or Fax, in this case payment will be expected WITHIN 30 DAYS of your receipt of the Simulators..

The Prices do not include VAT and NO VAT will be charged on these Simulators.
The Prices indicated should be paid IN FULL. There are no discounts unless agreed in writing.
All BANK and EXCHANGE costs are to your account.
Goods remain the property of Orange Enterprizes until they are paid for in full.
PAYMENT IS DUE WHEN THE INVOICE IS PRESENTED and it should be received by Orange Enterprizes within 30 days of your receipt of the Simulators.
These Simulator Programmes have been Developed and Produced by 'Orange Enterprizes' in the United Kingdom. They are only available from 'Orange Enterprizes' and the COPYRIGHT is owned by 'Orange Enterprizes' and by David Finney.

Postage and Packing Charges for ALL destinations are now included in the Simulator Prices. You do not now need to include any Postage or Packing charges.

What is included in the PRICES ?

The Simulator Software Programmes on specially protected CD  discs for use as described.
Free replacement/exchange Simulator Discs in case of damage or maloperation.
The ability to consult us on anything related to these models and Drive Systems.
Postage and Packing is FREE for ALL destinations.
All Windows Versions include many Instruction Pages available instantly at the click of the Mouse. The Simulator CD also contains the Instruction Book having details of all of the Simulator Programmes and a set of Experiments appropriate to the Simulator. The Instruction Book is in the form of a number of MS Word documents and you can print off any number of copies as you wish.