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WELCOME to our Website which was updated on 7/8/2009 to have a more up-to-date layout and design. It contains the same information as previously but a number of the free download programmes have been removed.

Our Website will describe our range of :-


which have been written to help people understand how these Drive Systems work and to help them to predict the performance of the equivalent REAL Variable Speed Drives.

There are a total of 16 different Simulators to cover the whole area of practical Electrical Variable Speed Drives using DC Motors, Synchronous Motors and Induction Motors, and including naturally commutated Convertor systems and Self-commutated Inverter arrangements. They are split into a 'STANDARD' range and a 'SPECIAL' range and full details of these can be found in the Pages listed on the left hand side of this screen.

We also supply some other Programmes which complement our Simulators or are used in association with them and these are descibed in detail in the 'OTHER' Programmes Page also listed on the left.

There are also a number of Programmes on this Site which you can DOWNLOAD into your own computer. There is a Simulator Demonstration Programme, a V.S.D. Project Book, and an EXPERIMENTS Package which can be used in association with our Simulators. Click on the 'DOWNLOADS' Page listed on the left.

We also supply a WIND TURBINE ELECTRIC GENERATING System Simulator and you can see details about this and download a Demonstration from our Website called  Click on this to go there.

All the Simulators detailed on these Sites have been developed and written by David Finney B.Sc, C.Eng F.I.E.E. If you have a questions or queries about these Simulators then you can send David an EMAIL by clicking on this paragraph.

This Site is owned and updated by ORANGE ENTERPRIZES, 20 Badby Road, DAVENTRY, Northants., NN11 4AP, United Kingdom. Fax/Phone 00 44 1327 703317

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