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The TEXTBOOK entitled ''AC Motor Variable Frequency Drive Systems'' by David Finney, B.Sc, C.Eng, F.I.E.E.

This is the Title of the TEXTBOOK I have written and which complements these Simulators. It covers most of the AC Motor Variable Speed Drive Systems in practical use in great detail. It is a Hardback Book with 391 pages and many Diagrams. It has been written to be understood by any Students or Engineers who have an interest in this Subject. It contains Explanations rather than Mathematics.

The Chapters of the Book are :-

1) AC MOTORS with particular reference to Variable Frequency operation.
2) Power Switching DEVICES, i.e. Thyristors, Transistors and GTO's.
3) Power Switching CIRCUITS, Convertors, Inverters, Harmonics etc.
4) The Six-Step Voltage Source Inverter for Induction Motors.
5) The Pulse Width Modulated Voltage Source Inverter for Induction Motors.
6) The Six-Step Current Source Inverter Drive for Induction Motors.
7) The Six-Step Synchro-Convertor System for Synchronous Motors.
8) The Current Source Inverter for the Capacitor Self-Excited Induction Motor.
9) The Cycloconvertor Drive System for Synchronous and Induction motors.
10) The Slip Energy Recovery System for Wound Rotor Induction Motors.

This TEXTBOOK is available from the Publishers, Peter Peregrinus Ltd, UK. but we can supply copies to you at a PRICE of 65 pounds sterling each.

I have spent 36 years working in the Design, Development and Manufacture of Variable Speed Drives as a CHIEF ENGINEER for GEC in England and I have a lot of experience which is built into this book and into the Simulators, which I have also developed. If you want REAL EXPERIENCE in your College or Organisation, at an AFFORDABLE PRICE then you should purchase this Textbook and these Simulators.

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